Ear Stretching TapersEar Stretching Tapers

Ear Stretching Tapers

Embrace your individuality and elevate your style with our captivating ear stretching piercing jewelry selection

Tapers Stretching Jewelry

Taper jewelry is a world of its own. They are fantastic to wear just for looks, but they have a functional purpose: to help you stretch your piercing. Tapers come in many shapes and colors, so feel free to browse our collection to find exactly the one (or the set) that speaks the most to you. You’ll love how these beauties look on you and how they let you increase your ear stretching. Pick your favorites today, receive them soon, and begin your stretching adventure.

Tapers for stretching ears are conveniently named after their wedge shape, starting as a narrow point and growing thicker along its length. For that reason, they serve as a user-friendly device to enlarge your ear piercing. By wearing a taper that is slightly too thick for your piercing size, you can make the piercing grow, letting your skin stretch and adapt over time. And having reached the next size, you can switch to a larger taper and continue the process as you please.

Taper JewelryTaper Jewelry

It’s essential not to rush the stretching process! You have to give your body the time it needs to fully adjust itself to the new piercing size before moving on, and you should never make too great a leap at once. Increase your stretching only by small increments, and take your time before going for the next step. Therefore, depending on your piercing size and how much you want to stretch it, a single taper won’t get you from zero to hero. Consider buying a taper set containing a bunch of tapers in different sizes so you have a broad range to work with for your stretching ambitions. This one-time purchase is a good investment compared to buying one taper at a time. In one set, you have everything you need.

Taper SetTaper Set

Fantastic as they are for creating your stretching, our ear tapers also live up to your fashion demands. There are many kinds of tapers and plenty of materials to choose from, and they all look fantastic. A popular choice is the spiral taper, a whirlwind of style and a guaranteed eye-catcher. Here’s a funky spiral made of surgical steel that makes the light play off its curves in hypnotic patterns. Another cool design is the C-shaped taper, which operates on symmetry as it has two pointy ends and its thickest part in the middle. And, of course, there’s the classic taper, a straight wedge-like rod as timeless as it is practical. Try one with a titanium coating for that extra bit of class.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and discover your new tapered treasures to pack a double punch of function and form.



How do I use tapers to stretch my piercing?

First of all, you should only try to stretch a fully healed piercing.

Before inserting your taper, it’s a good idea to loosen the skin of your piercing by washing it with warm water. Remember to wash your hands first. The next step is lubricating the taper with just a little jojoba oil and pushing it through your piercing. Once you start feeling some resistance, the taper has reached the point where its size is a little too big for your piercing size. This pressure will make your skin adjust by increasing the piercing hole.

Wear it like this until your lobe has gotten used to the stretch, and then you can proceed to the next size. By wearing tapers of increasing thickness, you slowly stretch the piercing. The key word is ‘slowly.’ We cannot stress enough that this is a lengthy process that requires you to be patient and listen to your body. You will surely feel sore, but the process is not meant to hurt ever, so if it does, it means you have been too quick to up the size before your body was ready.

What size taper should I start with?

Our smallest tapers measure 1.6 mm in thickness, which is the average size of an earlobe piercing. When you’re just starting your stretching journey, use a taper whose smaller part fits your actual piercing size. Wearing your taper at the thick end gives you room to size up. Once you’ve achieved a piercing size matching the largest part of the taper, but you still want to keep stretching, start over with another, bigger taper.

Ear TapersEar Tapers

How long should I leave tapers in before switching to plugs?

When your taper jewelry has helped you reach your desired size, you can switch to an awesome-looking plug. You don’t need to wait for the stretched piercing to heal before switching the jewelry. In fact, if you leave the taper in too long, its weight can keep growing your piercing hole beyond the desired size, and it may even be a little uncomfortable as a taper’s weight is naturally uneven. So, changing to a plug right when the stretching is completed actually helps the healing process.

What is the best material for stretched ear jewelry?

Even though tapers look pretty cool, some of ours tend to be heavy and not meant to be worn simply for show. They’re made for stretching your piercing hole and then changing the jewelry. Most of them are made of surgical steel, which is easy to sterilize and slide into your piercing. Some of our steel tapers are hollow and have a titanium coating that reduces the weight.

We also offer acrylic tapers, which can be worn for longer at a time due to their lightness. On the other hand, this material isn’t as smooth as steel, so the stretching process isn’t as effortless.