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Tapers are an essential part of your stretching journey. You can choose them from classic straight, spiral, or C-shaped tapers. Most commonly, tapers are used in the process of going up in size. You expand your current piercing by sliding the taper through, and next, you insert a plug or tunnel the size of that taper into your stretched piercing. If you want a continuous stretching process, a taper set will allow you to continue straight away when your piercing is ready for the next step.
Tapers are also used as piercing jewelry, and they stay in place with two o-rings. If you are missing o-rings for your stretching jewelry, you can find them in our parts category. It is always best to get o-rings 1 mm smaller than the jewelry to ensure a tight fit. At Bodymod, you can find some fun and stylish taper designs in different materials, in addition to simple pieces.


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