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Plug in black wood

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Product Name: Plug in black wood

SKU: Plug-63

Type: Plug

Material: Wood

Color: Black

Depth: Various

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


Restrained and elegant are the two words that best describe this fabulous wooden plug.

The kind of wood used to make it is black teak, a wood so dark that it's almost black. 

If you haven't started gauging your ears yet, you will have to wait until you can start using this kind of plug. It's available in gauge sizes between approximately 2g and 1-7/8" (6.5 and 47.5 mm), so getting to the bigger sizes takes a rather long time. 

Since it's an organic material, the color's hues may vary from one model to another, but we will do our best to choose two similar models if you order two plugs. 

Note that before you start using this plug, it's a good idea to clean it with soapy water to wash off oil and dirt, and then apply wax. Since this is an organic material item, natural oils of the same color were applied so that the texture is the same all over the surface. Bee wax will lock the color and protect your skin from cuts that the wood may cause. 


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