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Imię: Plug in snakewood

SKU: Plug-97

Type: Plug

Placement: Stretching

Material: Wood

Depth: 11.5 mm.

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


This plug is made of wood, an organic material. The type of wood it's made of, as the name suggests, is snakewood.

The structure of this wood reminds of snakeskin patterns. This distinctive texture is characteristic, a unique pattern in which you won't find two identical plugs.

It has wavy lines on the surface, marked in a contrasting tone from the base. The colors may be different from one model to another, but they are usually reddish-brown, with darker brown or black lines. The lines can be easily noticed on the front and the back of the plug, especially under light. Besides, one of the characteristics of snakewood is that it can be treated with oil - such as jojoba oil - to give it a completely new look after some time. Keep in mind that it mustn't be exposed to steam or humidity, so we recommend that you take it out before taking a bath.

If you want to be the lucky owner of this exotic plug in snakewood, choose your gauge size from the menu above. You can pick from different sizes between 0g and 1-inch (8-25 mm). If you buy two plugs, we will do our best to select two similar ones.


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