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Product Name: Plug made of acrylic in a variety of colors

SKU: Plug-91

Type: Plug

Placement: Stretching

Material: Acrylic

Depth: Various

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


Simplicity is the key to this plug because it's almost impossible to be simpler. It doesn't contain O-rings, threads, or any other system: it's an acrylic plug with a double flare so that it doesn't slip out.

Acrylic doesn't contain nickel, so acrylic jewelry is an excellent option if you're allergic. But acrylic has a small disadvantage: it doesn't allow the skin to breathe, and sometimes, this may cause a smell if it's not regularly aired. Luckily, you can use our Smelly Gelly to remove and prevent bad smells.

Both the white and black models are very versatile, as they can be used on every occasion, even job interviews, wedding anniversaries, or a funeral. For a more relaxed atmosphere, you can use a different color, such as pink or green. But the color is not important: all of them are guaranteed success.

This saddle plug, with wider ends and no sharp edges, has been carefully modeled, with a perfect finish. 

You can choose a model in gauge sizes between 8g and 1-inch (3 and 25 mm) in one of the colors you can see in the picture. If you can't decide on a color, you can buy two, or more, because the price is unbeatable. 


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