Tunnel of acrylic with inner nacre

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You can now get this beautiful, easy-to-use tunnel made in black acrylic, with the most beautiful inside you can imagine. The saddle shape enables a better fit in your ear gauge, and it's available in different sizes. Choose the gauge size you need from 0g up to 1-inch (8 mm to 25 mm). 

The inside of this tunnel is special and unique, decorated with small pieces of nacre attached to the acrylic. The nacre decoration will impress you with a wide variety of colors that change according to how light is reflected.

The bigger the tunnel's size, the bigger the nacre pieces will be. That's why it's only available starting from 0g (8 mm) so that the nacre pieces can be seen immediately.

If you like this tunnel, but you like gold and bling-bling jewelry more, take a look at our Tunnel in acrylic with inner gold pattern, which is basically the same tunnel but with gold details instead of nacre.

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Tunnel of acrylic with inner nacre