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Curved Barbell

For your ears, eyebrows & other parts of your body

Curved barbell

Curved barbells are one of the most versatile jewelry pieces. They can be worn in many placements, like eyebrows, lips, nipples, intimate placements, and of course in the ears. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. Usually, most of the design differences are visible in the balls of the barbell - they can be formed like spikes or flowers, or feature beautiful gemstones. One thing is for sure; you can find the design you need at Bodymod!


The most commonly used materials are titanium, surgical steel, 14K gold, and PTFE. Titanium and 14K gold are the two most hypoallergenic materials, whereas a bioplast curved barbell is excellent for people who have an active lifestyle because of its flexibility.

Check out these beautiful pieces on our website:

Simple titanium jewelry

14K gold with shiny stone

Matte black design in different lengths

Surgical steel with beautiful stones

Bioplast with surgical steel heads

When choosing a design for your piercing, you have to make sure to get the right size. In case you have any doubt what the exact measurements of your piercing are, contact your piercing studio. Your piercer should be able to help you determine the size, and choose a perfectly fitting new design.

How to remove a curved barbell?

Removing this type of jewelry is as easy as it gets. Usually, one or both piercing heads are removable. All you have to do is screw it off, remove your jewelry, and once it’s out screw the head back onto the barbell. The insertion process is the same. Make sure that your hands are always clean when handling piercings. You don’t want bacteria to get trapped in the hole.

You might experience irritation that was not caused by an allergic reaction. For example, you’ve slept on your ear, causing a bit of inflammation. In that case, don’t remove your jewelry! Use Saline Solution to clean the area 2 times a day. Repeat this process until your piercing is healed, and then you can decide to change the design. You might think that the most obvious thing to do is to remove your jewelry. Still, when removing it and leaving the hole empty, an infection might form or even spread. If you are not sure what to do, seek the help of a professional piercer.