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Industrial barbell with heartbeat-like design

Everyday use


For most skin types


Fairly easy

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Product Name: Industrial barbell with heartbeat-like design

SKU: Barbell-83

Brand: Bodymod Moments

Thread thickness: 1.6 mm

Lock type: External thread

Type: Industrial barbell

Placement: Industrial

Length: 38 mm.

Material: Surgical steel

Ball size: 5 mm.

Coating type: Anodized

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Heartbeat

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the whole jewelry


If you have an industrial piercing, you know there are so many boring designs. However, this model is in the tight end, as it’s not just a straight barbell. It has been bent and shaped so that it resembles the graph of an ECG meter, as seen in hospitals when measuring the heart's activity.
Each end of the barbell features internally threaded balls. The entire jewelry is made of surgical steel, a very safe material.
So if you need something new for your industrial piercing, this is an excellent option.

Everyday use

Occasional use

Moderate use

Everyday use

The jewelry is designed for everyday use. It is not likely to cause any irritation with everyday use.


Not for sensitive skin

For most skin types


This jewelry’s material is popularly used in body jewelry and can be worn by most people without causing any reactions.

Water resistance

Avoid water

Splash proof


The jewelry is designed to be waterproof. It is not likely to break nor tarnish when exposed to water or bodily fluids.




Can last a lifetime

This jewelry is durable. With proper care and storage it can last up to 2 years.

Ease of insertion / removal


Fairly easy

User friendly

It’s fairly easy to insert/remove this jewelry. No need for tools, just a bit of patience and steady hands.


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