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Padlock for big piercings

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Product Name: Padlock for big piercings

SKU: Tool-23

Type: Tool

Material: Stainless steel

Number of items: 1 piece


Solid stainless steel (316l ASTM F-138) padlock in five different sizes. Available in gauge sizes 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, and 0g (3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm) to choose according to your piercing size and placement. This padlock is a versatile piece, as it can be used in many different piercings, as long as the size and the placement are suitable. For example, it can be used in your ears, nipple piercing, or an intimate piercing.

Each padlock consists of 3 different parts: the shackle, the base or body, and the lock. The padlock opens and locks with a key. It's not a unique key, but a master key, so if you lose it, you can buy a new one at your local locksmith. The smallest model doesn't come with a key; it can be opened and locked with a notch attached to the side of the base.

Specifications (approximate dimensions):

  • 8g (3 mm): Weight: 0.29 oz (8.2 gr). Height/Width/Depth: 1.04", 0.58", 0.22" (26.5 mm/14.8 mm/ 5.6 mm). Shackle clearance: Height: 0.43" (11 mm). Width: 0.24" (6 mm). 
  • 6g (4 mm): Weight: 0.43 oz (12.3 gr). Height/Width/Depth: 1.01", 0.62", 0.22" (25.7 mm/ 15.8 mm/ 5.7 mm). Shackle clearance: Height: 0.28" (7 mm). Width: 0.27" (5.5 mm).
  • 4g (5 mm): Weight: 0.92 oz (26.1 gr). Height/Width/Depth: 1.28", 0.79", 0.3" (32.4 mm/ 20 mm/ 7.6 mm). Shackle clearance: Height: 0.31" (8 mm). Width: 0.27" (6.8 mm).
  • 2g (6 mm): Weight: 1.25 oz (35.5 gr). Height/Width/Depth: 1.48", 0.87", 0.31" (37.6 mm/ 22.1 mm/ 7.9 mm). Shackle clearance: Height: 0.39" (10 mm). Width: 0.28" (7.1 mm).
  • 0g (8 mm): Weight: 4.61 oz (130.8 gr). Height/Width/Depth: 2.07", 1.4", 0.51" (52.6 mm/ 35.5 mm/ 13 mm). Shackle clearance: Height: 0.55" (14 mm). Width: 0.55" (14 mm).



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    sehr scharfkantige aber geiles teil

    super geiles teil habe es in 5mm stärke gekauft um es als intimpiercing zu tragen im PA, der einzige nachteil an dem teil ist was ich noch verbesserungswürdig finde sind die sehr scharfen und eckigen kanten nich wirklich angenehm wenn es mit der vorhaut und eichel in kontakt kommt. habe daher alle kannten rundgeschliffen und poliert jetzt trägt er sich super angenehm

    Written by