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Navel Piercing Jewelry

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Navel Piercing

When Summer arrives, it’s time to bring your sunniest vibe to shine all through the hot days and bright nights. In fact, that sounds like a good plan at any time of year. Navel piercing jewelry is a fantastic accessory for showing off your personality with a spark of life. Browse our collection to discover a variety of gorgeous belly button treasures to suit your style. There are plenty of designs, sizes and materials to choose from, such as titanium, surgical steel or 14k gold. Pick your favorites, and our superfast delivery will get them to you before you know it.

A navel piercing, or belly button piercing, is a very eye-catching type. As you would expect, it is located in the navel, or belly button. Specifically, the piercing goes through the upper edge of the navel itself so that the jewelry emerges from the navel and a point just above the navel. This means that two parts of the jewelry are visible, and many different designs that make use of this to create a more involved look even with the simplest of trinkets.

Belly Button PiercingBelly Button Piercing

This piercing type is just perfect for the look of Summer. When the weather compels you to cut down on clothing and expose your belly, you might as well boost the fashion level with a cool piece of bling. A decorated belly raises the bar and makes you stand out even more.

Displaying a stunning belly button is a wonderful way to celebrate your confidence in showing the world who you are, or even to build that confidence. You’ll be a whole new you when putting on these beauties, making a statement of openness and resilience. And that’s true even when the weather isn’t right for showing your tummy, because you know how great it looks even if your style is under wraps.

Belly PiercingBelly Piercing

The most widespread type of belly button piercing jewelry is belly rings. These are not really rings, more like curved bars whose ends show at each opening of the piercing. This automatically makes for a great double piercing look with a large part positioned inside the navel itself and a smaller part right above it as a nice complement. So you get two points of interest working closely together for some visual texture, whether those are bejeweled or more minimalistic beads. A popular choice is to have two colored gemstones play off of each other. With our many color options, you can make a whole collection of completely different auras to go with your outfits, whether to match them or provide some contrast.

With a so-called reverse belly ring, the usual design is turned upside-down so the largest part is on top. These are often larger dangles, like a dazzling pendant with gemstones, that cover the navel itself from above. Some people get their navel pierced on the lower part, and that can be a reason to prefer the main attraction of the jewelry to be on top. But regardless of how your piercing was made, you may switch between differently oriented jewelry to change your style. Whether the top or bottom part draws the most attention is such a simple choice, and yet it makes a big difference in your expression and is a fun thing to play around with.

Of course, there are also more subtle options, like a that only really shows in the top opening of the piercing. This kind of jewelry is just as brilliant and charming but allows you to tone down the attention-grabbing nature of your navel piercing. It’s up to your personal taste - what will it be?

Navel PiercingNavel Piercing

If you’re pregnant, you don’t have to abandon your belly style. We also offer belly jewelry made of PTFE or bioplast, which are extremely flexible materials that conform to the development of your belly. Celebrate your body even more with beautiful colors or anything else that shows the joy of a soon-to-be mother.

With all these possibilities for self-expression on a part of your body that is maybe not usually noticed, you greatly expand the number of ways you can capture your personality. Make the most of your navel piercing during the sunny season, but don’t forget to enjoy its cool and lively energy the rest of the time. It’s a part of you all year round. So don’t wait up, go and find your new belly style in our high-quality selection.

Belly Button JewelryBelly Button Jewelry

The most original Summer trends

As we’ve said, the navel piercing lends itself well to Summertime, and so, jewelry for this piercing type is preferably lightweight and waterproof so you can be active outdoors and even go swimming.

Apart from those practical concerns, navel piercing jewelry tends to have fun and outgoing designs. Quirky surprise pieces are popular, like a twister ring, a or even a cat in a tribal design with beautifully colored eyes. Wearing unique belly jewelry is the perfect signal to the world that you are one-of-a-kind. And there are plenty of options to go around so everyone can follow the trend in their own individual way.

FAQ: How to treat your navel piercing

What is the standard size of belly button jewelry?

The standard thickness of belly button jewelry is 1.6 mm, and the standard length is 10 mm. But always pay attention to how well it fits your own specific anatomy. If the jewelry is too short, it will put pressure on your body, which is uncomfortable, and especially while the piercing is healing, such pressure will prolong the healing time.

How to clean belly button jewelry?

Clean your piercing jewelry with a microfiber cloth that has not been prepared with any kind of chemicals, including alcohol. Use the cloth to gently wipe the jewelry, attending to all the nooks and crannies and being careful not to knock out any gemstones. Our wares are sturdy, but they are precious little things after all. If you take good care of them, they will last you a long, long time and always look their very best.

How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

A belly piercing takes about 8-12 months to heal. That’s quite some time, but the area of the piercing moves around all day, so the healing process is constantly disturbed. This is not a problem, though, as long as you’re patient and make sure to give your new piercing the aftercare that it deserves.

Belly Button Piercing JewelryBelly Button Piercing Jewelry

How to take care of my belly button piercing?

Throughout the entire healing period, clean your belly piercing twice every single day. This is quite a commitment, but it is really worth it to avoid infections. Clean it once with water and fine soap and later, once more with a saline solution, which draws out excess fluid from the wound. Remember to always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing. At all other times, leave it alone. If you touch the healing piercing, you risk causing infection or general irritation.

After your navel piercing is fully healed, make sure to always keep some jewelry in it. This goes for almost all piercing types. After all, they are atypical holes, and the body wants to close them. So even though your belly button is probably not going to be on display at all times, keep something in it to avoid the piercing closing on you.

What is the best jewelry for navel piercings?

We usually recommend titanium jewelry for new piercings since it’s nickel-free and gentle on sensitive skin. Later, feel free to change to something like surgical steel or 14k gold. If you’re pregnant, choose highly flexible piercing jewelry, like PTFE or bioplast. These materials accommodate the non-stop changes that your body undergoes, so you can enjoy your piercing during your pregnancy.