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Navel piercings

Navel jewelry is still one of the most popular types of jewelry amongst many people. They are a beautiful addition to someone’s style and can transform a simple look into something more exciting. The best thing is that there are endless jewelry designs. From cute belly button pieces you can wear to any occasion to long, interestingly designed ones, you will find everything on Bodymod’s website. We have a massive selection of cute belly button rings.

Here is some of the navel jewelry we have:

Simple titanium jewelry with stones

Navel design with a heart-shaped dangle

Personalized letter design

Pregnancy navel design

14K Gold with stones

How are navels pierced?

Navel piercings are always done by a professional, using professional tools and equipment. Concerning healing time, this area might take about 3-6 months to heal. One thing is for sure; you will have to take good care of your fresh navel jewelry no matter how well your body is adjusting.

First things first; choose your piercer wisely. You can ask people to recommend you piercers, or maybe you already have a professional person you trust. If you don’t know anyone with a navel piercing or have never been pierced you have another option. Go to any piercer shop, look around, get informed, and ask for reference if needed. It is crucial that the person doing this has professional experience and is qualified to pierce.
After finding the professional, you might want more information on the process.

These are the steps that should be followed:

1. You will be positioned in a comfortable chair

2. The piercer will clean your navel area (if you have any hair, that might be removed with a disposable razor)

3. After sterilizing the area, the piercer will mark the placement of your new jewelry (you will be able to check it and see if you are satisfied with the position)

4. A hollow needle will be used to puncture your skin

5. The piercer might use forceps to hold your skin in place during insertion

6. The piece you’ve chosen is inserted

7. There might be some bleeding, which will be cleaned up

8. You are ready to go!

How to take care of a belly button piercing?

Aftercare is a crucial part of keeping your new navel piercing healthy and beautiful. Because of the placement of this jewelry, you will have to take extra precautions during the healing process. Use Saline Solution daily to keep all the bacteria away, by soaking your piercing in it twice a day.

You have to make sure that you don’t expose your stomach area to more bacteria than is necessary. Avoid lakes, pools, and baths in the first six months. Try to avoid exercise that can irritate the area. As your body folds in half right where your new piercing is, it will be exposed to more irritation than other types of body jewelry. This is why it is essential to keep the area clean and attend to your fresh hole more than usual.

Another critical factor during the healing process is a robust immune system. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, move your body, and hydrate a lot. The healthier you are, the easier your body will heal.

In case of infection, seek your piercer as soon as possible!

What material is the best when it comes to navel piercings?

When you are getting your belly pierced, make sure that the person doing your piercing uses nickel-free jewelry. The best material for starter piercings would be solid titanium. When your piercing is healed, you can choose from surgical steel, PTFE, or 14K gold. The design you choose from our selection will depend on your preference and lifestyle.

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