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Clip-on Piercing

Any piercing is a commitment, and that’s part of what makes them such personal, solid statements. But it also means you should only get them if you’re absolutely sure. Clip-on piercing jewelry is a fantastic way to try out your dream look before making the final decision. Or if you only want to wear the piercing jewelry for an exceptional occasion. Have a look at our selection of fake body jewelry to find the right style for you. We’ve got a wide variety of accessories made for different placements and from other materials, such as brass and surgical steel. Whatever you choose, our fast delivery will get it to your doorstep very soon. So don’t hesitate to give fake piercings a go - maybe you’ll find what you never knew you were looking for!

Clip-on piercings are even more straightforward than real piercings. All you do is clip the jewelry securely onto your body, and that’s it. You’ll look just as chic as if you had gone through the process of getting a piercing. No one will spot the difference, so you can enjoy the same level of confidence and style as with an actual piercing. This option allows you to explore the world of body modifications and navigate it in your own time rather than rushing into a commitment that maybe you are not totally prepared for, or may not be suitable for you at all.

Fake PiercingsFake Piercings

How fake piercings work varies with the placement on your body and the type of jewelry it is meant to simulate. A ring might use a simple spring mechanism that ensures a firm grip wherever you choose to wear it - nose, ear or lip. But a horseshoe, which is not a closed circumference, works by magnets attracting each other through your septum. More straightforward still, some fake piercing jewelry consists of solid pieces slipped on and squeezed lightly into place. All these are just as convenient to remove as they are to put on at a moment’s notice, perfect for spontaneity.

Some fake body jewelry isn’t entirely fake. Something like a fake plug or fake taper requires an earlobe piercing but simulates a stretched one. These are for you if you already have committed to such a piercing but are unsure if you should go all-out on stretching it too. It’s true that up to a certain size, stretchings can be undone, but it takes time to enlarge and then shrink the piercing hole, so why not play around with the stretching look in an easy, carefree manner?

Fake Body JewelryFake Body Jewelry

Whether you’re new to piercings or already have some and are thinking about getting more, clip-on jewelry is the ideal way to experiment with your vibe before leaping. Or maybe you don’t feel piercings are for you at all but just want to add some memorable sparkle to an outfit and surprise your friends - and who knows, you might find that it suits you more than you had imagined. Browse our expressive designs today, and become a new you tomorrow.

Clip-on PiercingsClip-on Piercings

What are the types of clip-on/fake piercings?

There’s fake piercing jewelry for almost as many placements as real piercings. For the ear, a great-looking and super popular type is the ear cuff, which hugs the ear snugly. There are even fake stretching jewelry: fake tapers and fake plugs. These require an earlobe piercing, but you skip the step of stretching it, and the look is entirely identical to the real thing.

Fake nose jewelry includes the fake septum and the fake nostril. Since the piercing holes are out of view, fake nose jewelry is compelling, yet you can slip it on and off anytime.

You can even get a fake nipple shield. It’s gently fitted onto your nipple and radiates all the beauty and audacity of this piercing type, even though it’s placed entirely by your good self without needing a professional appointment. What’s not to love?

Clip-on JewelryClip-on Jewelry

Can I wear fake earrings after piercing?

When you’ve had a new piercing made, you must take good care of it to avoid infection and a prolonged healing time. For the first few months, putting fake jewelry onto your healing piercing would only upset it. But after this period, you may wear a clip-on as long as you clean it properly first.

Fake PiercingFake Piercing

Will clip-ons stay in place?

To put it simply: Yes. If you make sure to put on your fake body jewelry properly, it will stay securely where it’s supposed to. So don’t worry about your fabulous looks suddenly giving up on you - these wares are explicitly designed to be worn as an alternative to regular piercing jewelry and have the exact secure fit as long as you wear them correctly.

Are fake piercings safe?

As long as you are not allergic to the material, fake piercing jewelry is just as safe as regular piercing jewelry.