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Labret Piercing

A truly neat kind of piercing jewelry is labrets. When it comes to convenience and comfort, this little cutie is your best friend. Browse our vast collection to discover your favorite piercing labrets in just the designs that suit you. Choose between many sizes and materials, including titanium, surgical steel and 14k gold, and have your top picks brought to you in no time with our fast delivery.

Labret piercing jewelry is a short stud with a decorative top at one end, like a colored stone or diamond effect, and a flat base at the other. The top is detachable for easy insertion into your piercing, and the flat backside allows you to wear the labret in positions with limited space where it fits snugly. This sets labret stud jewelry apart from barbells and rings and makes for stunning fashion displays even in places where those wouldn’t necessarily fit well, depending on your anatomy.

Labret PiercingLabret Piercing

Labret piercings can be located in the ear, lip and tongue. In fact, all the ear piercing placements work very well with a labret, such as the helix, tragus, daith, rook and even the earlobe. The human ear is a wonderful maze of nooks and crannies, and with the flat back of a labret, you’re sure to have room for even your most sprawling beauty - like this glittering arch of stones in neatly increasing sizes. And if the decorative parts are small, you’ll be able to fit more than one, say, in the flat area of cartilage near the helix, known as a flat ear piercing. In any case, a labret piercing leaves plenty of room to let the creative juices flow and express yourself freely.

The name of this jewelry type comes from its close association with lip piercings, being derived from the Latin word for lip, labrum. So, not surprisingly, it’s as good as made for most of these placements, and even a minimal design looks fabulous in all of them. Whether you wear your labret in a Madonna, Monroe, Medusa, Ashley or the ones simply named Labret and Side labret, the flat base sits comfortably between your teeth and the inside of your gum. And as with the ear placements, you can freely assemble a personal composition in any of the tried-and-true double lip piercings, like the Angel bite, Snake bite or Spider bite.

Labret Piercing JewelryLabret Piercing Jewelry

Lastly, the same advantage applies to wearing a labret in a tongue piercing. You may find it a great comfort when the part of the jewelry that exits under your tongue takes up as little space as possible. There’s also less material to bump against your teeth, which is undoubtedly a plus. In the lip or tongue, you might also consider getting flexible jewelry made of PTFE, since this part of your body moves a lot.

Labret piercing jewelry usually works by one of two locking mechanisms. There’s the push-in labret, whose decorative top has a small bent pin that you simply push into the hollow stud. Thanks to the bend, the pin locks itself into place firmly enough that it will not let go by accident, yet you can effortlessly pull it back out at any time. This is especially great if you like to change your jewelry in the spur of the moment because you can let the stud itself stay in your piercing and quickly replace one piece of bling with another.

Piercing LabretPiercing Labret

The other variant uses threading, so you have to unscrew the top and screw another back on. The threading will either be on the inside or outside of the stud, but we recommend internal threading because the external type can tear your skin as you move the stud through your piercing hole. This locking mechanism is also pretty convenient for a spontaneous jewelry change, though there is a bit more work involved.

So go ahead and check out our selection. We have just the thing for your unique style, whether you’re into colorful simplicity or something a little wilder, like this beautiful row of gemstones framed in classy gold. We’ve got it all, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll pick. No matter what, we know you’ll be fabulous.

Labret Stud JewelryLabret Stud Jewelry


What is the standard size of labrets?

The standard thickness of a labret stud is 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm, the former being the most common. The length of the stud is characteristically short, usually, 6 mm or 8 mm, but labrets are also available up to 14 mm long.

What materials can I use?

All the usual piercing jewelry materials are used for the piercing labret. A nice, sturdy option is titanium, which is also nickel-free and easy on sensitive skin. For that reason, we typically recommend titanium jewelry for new piercings.

There’s also surgical steel, a material made specifically for insertion into the human body. It’s lightweight and durable, although it may contain some nickel.

And of course, we also offer labrets in 14k gold, white gold or rose gold for that special luxurious dazzle.

For a tongue piercing, however, there’s a strong possibility that metal jewelry will damage your teeth, so you may want to consider more flexible options, like PTFE.

Labret PiercingsLabret Piercings

How long does a labret piercing take to heal?

That depends entirely on the placement of the labret piercing. Piercings in the lip or tongue tend to heal in 3-6 months, generally speaking. Most ear piercings take 6-12 months to heal, but the earlobe heals in 2-4 months due to the softer tissue.

Does a labret piercing hurt?

Lip and tongue piercings are deemed to hurt only a little, 2 on a scale of 1-10. Ear piercings usually hurt relatively little, too, but the toughest ones are the rook and daith piercings, judged at a pain level of 6 out of 10. But even that’s still not too bad, so fear not - go get the piercing you’ve always dreamed of.