Plugs and TunnelsPlugs and Tunnels

Plugs and Tunnels

Are you looking for unique stretching plugs and stretching tunnels? We've got sizes and styles to suit every taste

Plugs & Tunnels

If you’ve committed to a stretching piercing, it goes without saying that you should have the best of the best jewelry to wear in it. We’ve got it! Here you’ll find ear plugs and tunnels in a wide variety of designs and materials, from wood to surgical steel, to make your stretching dreams come true. Whatever your style, you’re bound to discover many new favorites, and with our superfast delivery, you’ll be able to show them off very soon.

Plugs and tunnels are at once very similar and very different. Stretched ear plugs are solid discs that fill up your stretching hole just like, well, a plug. They’re typically circular but also available in other shapes, like a beautiful teardrop, or with adornments on a round plug so they fit your piercing no matter the design. Furthermore, most plugs are made with what is known as flares, concave ends to make the fit more accommodating and keep the jewelry snugly in place. This also keeps the visible surface as large as possible to show off, for example, your awesome steampunk yin and yang.

Tunnel PlugsTunnel Plugs

A tunnel, on the other hand, is a hollow frame that traces the inner edge of the stretching hole. These also come in various shapes, including the beloved drop shape, and with beautiful additions, like a circle of gemstones or a spectacular tribal charm. But even in their simplest form, ear tunnels emphasize your ear stretching as the piercing hole becomes the main attraction. This is unusual for piercings as they’re generally made to be filled out, so the tunnel creates a display at once elementary and extraordinary.

There’s also the so-called saddle spreader, which can be described as a semi-circular tunnel. But when the interior of the saddle spreader is richly decorated, it takes on some of the solid quality of a plug, giving you the best of both worlds. Unique to this tunnel type is that it leaves part of the stretched skin exposed.

Ear Plugs TunnelsEar Plugs Tunnels

If you don’t have a stretching but would like to try out the look, you can get a fake plug that fits in your regular earlobe piercing. This way, you can see how a plug looks and decide in your own time if it’s right for you. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fake a tunnel, but if that’s what you want, a fake plug will still help you understand how stretching jewelry fits you.

Ear plugs/tunnels are all efficient when it comes to insertion and removal. Most have no moving parts and are simply placed in your piercing and taken out again at your leisure. They’re made with a flare all around to hug the inside of your piercing and won’t fall out. But if you’re worried about losing your precious, we offer variants designed for extra security as well as convenience. The optimal solution is a threaded flare; in other words, the backside of the jewelry is screwed on and off to make it easier for you to place it in your piercing while ensuring that it stays put.

Take your time to browse the many options for exactly the right beauties to elevate your personal style. We wish you to express your true self with our eye-catching plugs and tunnels. Go ahead, show the world who you are.

Ear TunnelsEar Tunnels


How do you get tunnels in your ears?

Regular tunnels are made with a concave flare around both ends, and you work your soft piercing hole into this track. It’s only deep enough to keep the jewelry in place, so to begin with, you might have some trouble getting your skin around it. As your piercing size grows, this will become easier to do.

You may find it more practical if your tunnel has a threaded back. Just unscrew the backside, pass the tunnel through your piercing, and screw the back on again. Easy peasy.

Ear Plugs And TunnelsEar Plugs And Tunnels

Are ear tunnels permanent?

A stretching piercing is sometimes considered a permanent body modification, but in fact, it is possible to shrink the hole back down as long as it hasn’t become too big. What the limit is precisely depends on the flexibility of your skin. As a rule of thumb, we recommend not to stretch your earlobe piercing beyond 4 mm if you think you might want to downsize later.

What is the difference between ear plugs and tunnels?

The essential difference between ear plugs and tunnels is that plugs are solid and tunnels are hollow. This means you can experiment with a fake plug but not a fake tunnel. In all other respects, these two types of stretching jewelry are virtually identical, which is why we like to put them in the same category. We wouldn’t separate these loving twins.

Stretched Ear PlugsStretched Ear Plugs

What is the best material for ear plugs and tunnels?

Many plugs and tunnels are made of surgical steel or acrylic. Surgical steel is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t tarnish, so it’s a popular choice for a good reason, no matter your style. Whether you’re into an elegant plug or an elaborate tunnel with a moon dangle, both are ideally suited for this jewelry material.

Other wonderful materials, like wood, bone, stone, or even glass, have a vibe closer to nature. Wood, in particular, has become a beloved option for plugs of all designs, from the neatly colorful to the most intricate patterns. Compared to the metallic and synthetic options, wood (and other organic materials) is porous, allowing the skin to breathe underneath. This is a nice factor to consider since more skin is covered by stretching jewelry than other types.