Teflon Tape - For gauges or stretching

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We bet you always thought there should be a better way to gauge or stretch your piercings than usual tapers. Try stretching your piercings with PTFE tape, also known as Teflon tape.

Unlike regular tapers that can stretch between two and 4 sizes (1 and 2 mm) each time, this Teflon tape lets you do it as you like; you can do it starting from only 0.003 inches (0.075 mm) each time. We tell you how! It's very easy with this tape for gauges. You only need a plug or tunnel - check our surgical steel tunnel with o-rings. You only need to tape your tunnel with Teflon a couple of times. When you place it in your piercing, this will stretch slowly in a pleasant way. When you want to stretch your piercing a bit more, you only need to take the jewelry and wrap it again with more tape.

You can rest assured it won't fail. You have more than 10 yards (more than 10 meters) of tape.

Besides, you can stretch your piercings as fast or as slowly as you want - it depends on you. You won't need any other product because PTFE has a very soft and smooth surface.

Remember that stretching with Teflon tape is a bit more advanced than usual because it needs some time and patience. It can also be very convenient after 2-gauge (when the size difference between tapers start to be 2 mm instead of 1 mm.)

The tape is approximately 13 yards (12 meters) long.

TypeAftercare product
MaterialPTFE / Bioplast
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Teflon Tape - For gauges or stretching